Agency Care Package is a curated library for freelancers and agency owners.

Translation: it’s everything that Brandon Rollins wished he had when he started his agency in 2019.

Founder & CEO, Pangea Marketing Agency

Hi, my name is Brandon Rollins.

I own and run Pangea Marketing Agency in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But my path to agency ownership wasn’t a straightforward one.

Before the marketing agency, I was making board games and blogging about my experiences. Those articles caught the eye of a fulfillment center owner. He was interested in my marketing work.

I scrambled to file an LLC so I could keep doing contract work for him. And the work kept coming for five years and counting.

Getting from there to here took a lot of trial and error. Agency Care Package is my passion project – to make the guidebook I wished I had back in 2019.

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