Best Personal Budget For Freelancers & Small Agencies

This is part of our larger Cash Management for Freelancers & Small Agencies. Here, we talk about how you can create the best personal budget for your freelance or small agency operation.

  • 23 Ways Freelancers & Agencies Can Get Cost Savings Now

    Running a small business is hard. And expensive. There’s also a fair amount of risk involved, and sometimes, you need to cut costs right now, and you can’t wait. Been there, done that. Sure, cost reduction isn’t fun, but sometimes, you’re in a tight spot with cash flow and you just need to get to next week.

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  • How To Make A Budget: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Freelance finances can be gut-wrenching to manage, with shaky ups and downs like an old wooden roller coaster. There are no steady paychecks. You manage your own benefits. And, of course, responsibility for managing taxes ultimately falls on you. Taken together, this all makes budgeting feel impossible.

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  • How To Set Financial Goals: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    What is the best personal budget for freelancers or small agency owners? It’s hard to answer that question, partly because of how vague it is. When it comes to finances – both personal and business – there’s no one-size-fits-all budget. You have to consider your short-term and long-term financial goals.

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  • How To Make a Financial Plan: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    If you don’t have a financial plan for your business, then you don’t have a direction. And that’s very dangerous if you want to succeed in the long run. Having a plan lets you track your income, control your expenses, and achieve your financial goals. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps…

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  • How To Choose Health Insurance: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Lining up health insurance was the single scariest part of leaving my day job. Choosing your own health plan is surprisingly tough, even if you’re financially savvy. But you can do it well, and I’d like to show you how. This subject is incredibly personal for me. Since running my agency full-time in 2021…

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  • How To Manage Cash Flow: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Running out of cash is bad for business. Understatement of the year, right? Small businesses are notorious for running into cash flow problems. Even if you’re hardworking and diligent, you can still run into this problem just because of the unsteady revenues and expenses that come along with freelance and agency work.

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  • How To Make A Cash Flow Forecast: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict how much money you’ll have in your bank account a month from now? Nowhere is this truer than in freelance or agency work, where revenues can be unsteady and unpredictable. That’s where cash flow forecasting comes in. This is how you can predict and manage your income and expenses before they occur.

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  • How To Save Money For Retirement: Guide For Freelancers

    Saving for retirement. Just about anyone can tell you how important it is to do this. But it isn’t easy to actually do that, especially if you’re a freelancer or running a small agency. If you work for someone else, it’s easier. As long as your employer has an employer-sponsored plan, all you have to do is contribute on a regular basis.

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