The Best Way To Keep Track of Freelance & Agency Finances

This is part of our larger Cash Management for Freelancers & Small Agencies. Here, we talk about how you can keep track of where your money comes from…and where it goes.

  • How To Track Business Expenses For Freelancers & Agencies

    If you’ve gotten into freelance work or you’re running a small agency, you and I probably share some things in common. You probably don’t care for bureaucracy or arbitrary rules that come along with it, and you probably value creativity and freedom. Of course, neither of those seem to square particularly well with tracking business expenses.

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  • How To Make An Income Statement For Freelancers & Agencies

    “How much money am I making?” – This is arguably the single most important question in business. And in order to properly answer that, you need to be able to create an income statement. But how do you actually do that? Odds are, if you are running a freelance or small agency business, no one sat down and gave you an answer to that question.

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  • How To Manage Profit & Loss For Freelancers & Agencies

    It’s the end of the quarter and you’ve just run your first small business profit and loss statement. Now here’s the big question – what do you do with it? If you don’t have a background in finance or accounting, tracking your business finances can feel awfully abstract. But profit and loss management is surprisingly straightforward, once you clear that initial learning curve.

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  • How To Categorize Expenses: A Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Do you know where all your money went last month? That’s a tough question to answer if you don’t categorize expenses on a regular basis.  The best way to keep track of small business finances is by being proactive about expense management. Sure, it sounds like a chore, but…

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  • How To Calculate Taxable Income: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    “How much money do I owe the IRS?” Every April, freelancers and small agency owners have to ask themselves that question. And sometimes, the answer can be surprising because taxable income can be pretty tricky to calculate. But you can’t simply avoid it! Knowing how to handle your taxes…

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  • How To Make a Cash Flow Statement: Guide For Freelancers & Agencies

    Where’s the money coming from? Where’s it going? Those are two essential questions that every business owner needs to be able to answer. Cash flow statements are how you do that. Everyone knows that it’s important for businesses to turn a profit. But you should know – it’s possible to turn a profit and still have empty bank accounts!

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